Welcome to a new
Era of your body image

TONEMEUP PRO - Connect your body - the autopilot of your movement. With new inspiration in your body to a lively mind.


Unleash the power within you
and you are up to any challenge

TONEMEUP PRO will help you -
with fun and enjoyment from day one.

The result
is immediately apparent.

Feel the guidance
of the tape

The tape does,
what you do.

TONEMEUP PRO - The training

In addition to the TONEMEUP-PRO band, we offer an introduction, a course and a training programme specially designed for coaches of all sports (from youth to professional level), coaches in training, movement experts for general or special applications, personal trainers as well as professional and ambitious amateur athletes.

nnsquare - The company

For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves professionally to movement, coordination and body awareness. As former successful dance athletes and later as trainers, our primary goal was to convey an improved body awareness. Together with a medical team, we have transferred the knowledge and experience we have gained from our sport into various areas where body awareness is central, such as fitness, martial arts, football, golf, Pilates, and physiotherapy, among others. Our mission is to help you experience this new body awareness directly through the TONEMEUP-PRO band. Over the past six years, we and our team have put all our passion and energy into the development of the TONEMEUP-PRO-Band.

Holger Nitsche & Jürgen Neudeck

Begin now the new era your Body awareness